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Advanced Massage Therapy Center
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 Dennis Stephens and Advanced Massage Therapy is Unique! 


Advanced Massage Therapy Center, located in the Galleria area in Houston, Texas provides clients with a "clothes-on" approach utilizing a combination of therapies such as: Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), Craniosacral Therapy (CST), Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT).

This unique alternative medical approach allows an optimum stage for the body to heal itself. Approaching the nervous system, the muscular system, the circulatory system and the organs, each session provides your body with faster pain and dysfunction relief.

The body functions in a logical order; the brain signals the nerves by way of the spinal cord to move the muscles and in turn, the muscles move the skeletal system or bones. When the function of these systems is out of balance, the body over-compensates which causes pain and dysfunction. Application of these modalities creates balance and relief of dysfunctions of the body systems. Most clients experience relief on the very first visit.

Therapies are recommended to completely remove the pain if possible. People suffering with chronic pain are recommended to undergo a monthly maintenance program to maintain a high level of relief. Many post surgical recoveries are greatly enhanced with Lymphatic Drainage Therapy.

Advanced Massage Therapy Center is dedicated to enable your body to return to its greatest level of performance. Our massage therapy sessions provide maximum results without the use of medication and or surgery; we strive in our therapy sessions to strengthen your body so you can take better care of YOU.